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Why the need for energy efficient lighting?


Energy efficient lighting has become a buzz word recently because of the rising cost of energy, legal changes at an EU level and technical developments by lighting manufacturers, including LEDs, electronic drivers and CMS systems.

Energy Efficient Lighting


What is energy efficient lighting?

Energy efficient lighting is defined as many things by as many different sources. The issue for consumers is that many of these sources have vested interests in selling you their product. In reality many of these energy efficient lighting products are less efficient than it would first appear when they are appraised correctly.

How can we achieve energy efficient lighting?

Energy efficient lighting schemes can only be achieved by combining genuinely energy efficient lighting products with energy efficient lighting design. Only with this approach and using the appropriate lighting standard will we achieve safe, compliant energy efficient lighting.

The result we require from energy efficient lighting is ‘as much usable light on our target area for the minimum amount of electricity consumed’. This can be best achieved by ensuring your lighting design is carried out by competent lighting professionals.

Why do we need to light?

Lighting is essential to life in our urban centres. It facilitates modern society’s desire to carry out commercial and social pursuits in a pleasant and safe environment. Lighting allows safe use of our commuter routes and increases those same route’s ability to carry increased traffic counts during the hours of natural darkness. Lighting makes our residential developments pleasant and safe and allows us freedom of movement and safe passage after sunset.

Light in factories and offices allow us to carry out our tasks safely and efficiently regardless of the time and regardless of natural light conditions outside the building.

Why do we need so much light?

In many cases we do not need as much light as is used. Historically in Ireland there was a larger fear of litigation than of the resulting energy bill; it was perceived to be ‘safer’ to light to a higher level than is required.

Thankfully, we have matured from that way of thinking and we now recognise international best practice and utilise a European Norm for determining lighting levels. Unfortunately the incorrect category of lighting level is still occasionally selected, which usually results in inefficient lighting schemes.

Energy efficient lighting

By selecting the appropriate lighting level as prescribed by international standards as the starting point, we can then contrast and compare the appropriate lighting technology to utilise, to ensure the most energy efficient lighting solution is achieved.

Lighting, by its nature will always be an energy consumer and not an energy saver; but that should not prevent us ensuring that the necessary lighting we carry out is the most energy efficient lighting possible.

Please contact us if you would like to know more, or if you would like us to help you achieve an energy efficient lighting project.

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